A Lost Love:

Everyone has one.

It can be from any age or any time in your life.

The thought of which can make you smile, feel nostalgic, wistful, angry, laugh or haunt you.  You can feel a secret pleasure thinking about it or it can cause you pain.

A past love can be great, complex, wonderful, simple or brief.

My name is Amanda Bergloff and I’m a writer.  Despite my outward appearance of cynicism, I am at heart, a complete romantic. I can remember being in first grade, sitting next to a boy named Grant.  I thought he was so mean….always shoving me in line, scribbling on my schoolwork and messing with my things.  Then one day, I found a simple note in my desk with these words written in crayon on it:  “I love you, from Grant.”  As I read Grant’s note, I thought, “love is strange” and it is as true to me now as it was to my 6 year old self that day.  The very thought of love still fascinates me because I cannot explain it and it is the most powerful emotion that I know.

I was talking several months ago to a friend about a past love of hers.  She talked about happy memories and what she thought had gone wrong at the time.  I asked her the question, “If you could say something to him right now, what would it be?”  We then talked about putting it in letter form.  The two of us eventually did and shared them with each other.  It was a strange, cathartic experience.  We never intended for anyone else to see it, let alone the “lost love” we were writing it for…but what if they could? Thus the idea for this blog: Letters to Lost Loves was started that day.

My goal with this blog is to encourage people to use it as a creative forum for their own letters to the “Lost Loves” in their lives.

The “RULES” are simple: 

Click on COMMENTS on the bottom of the page on the left

and use the POST YOUR LOVE LETTER HERE box to submit your letter to a “Lost Love” from your own past.

However love letters can come in many different forms besides just the traditional letter format.  It can also be:

  • a one line thought
  • a memory shared in a paragraph
  • a song you post or the written lyrics of a song
  • a metaphorical story
  • an original poem or one already written
  • a quote that expresses your feelings from another source
  • a photo or some artwork
  • or ANY other format you want to share

You don’t have to use any names.  You don’t have to share your own name.  The email address that is required for your comment to be posted is private and will never be shared.  You can remain completely anonymous by using an initial or pseudonym in the Name (required) box.  Your “email address” and “name that shows” on this blog do not have to match.

Your letter will be shared with others that have had the same thoughts or have gone through similar situations.  I hope you will find it interesting to read the other letters that have been posted in turn.  Your lost love may or may not ever read this, but just know….

Love is a universal emotion….you are not alone.

If you would like to personally contact me you can do so at:
So I’ll start this all off by sharing a song called, “Baby I’m a Fool,” by Melody Gardot.  I completely understand and agree with her lyrics:
“Baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall in love”
Here’s to my fellow “fools of the heart” from the perpetual bubble bath in my mind…..Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “A Lost Love:

    • I’ve known since the last day I saw you that my lifelong regret would be in letting you slip away. You are my one and only soulmate. Every day I long for you… Your Voice… Your smile… Your precious little giggle… Your accent… Your breathe… Your touch. Everything.

      I’ve prayed for years for your return… To hold you… And feel your sweet kisses.

  1. for ryan o
    The thoughts come unbidden,
    like waves on the sand.
    unrelenting and ceaseless

    My midnight soul
    cannot release me
    from the captivity of your words,
    nor the memory of your touch

    The thoughts come unbidden
    like a storm in the night,
    sudden and severe

    My atramentous mind
    cannot release me
    from my hunger and longing
    nor the memory of your soul

    Torture me, my love
    beyond hope
    beyond reason
    beyond death

    The thoughts come unbidden….


  2. Dear Steve,
    What would I say to you? I would say I’m sorry. Sorry that I didn’t understand and sorry for what I did. I can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve talked. I’m not sure you would talk to me anyway if you could. Things don’t always go as planned do they. I hope you see this and call.

  3. You were always the one that got away. And I can’t always say I know how it happened.
    But I have never stopped thinking about you. Never forgotten how it felt to hold you and kiss you.
    And each day I dream of holding you and kissing you once again.
    I will never stop.

  4. To my G-Boyfriend,
    I miss you since you left me all alone at the school. The hallways are not the same without you. I miss yelling “Lee” and hearing you answer “Carter!” Good times sharing secrets in Mrs. S’s old room. Miss meeting you in the art room at 3:15 and laughing and talking to you while you were sweeping up. Miss sharing cupcakes, PEZ, relationship stories and “Creative Cursing” with you. That was a GREAT year, wasn’t it!

  5. Like that Melody Gardot song you posted!
    Here’s one that I think of when I think of you KA, “I WONDER” sung by Tony Bennet & KD Lang

    I wonder my little darling
    Where can you be this moonlit night
    Are you holding someone tight
    I wonder

    My heart is aching, I’m a fool
    To let it go on breaking
    Maybe I’ll awake and find that I’m mistaken
    I wonder

    I wonder my little baby
    Where can you be this moonlit night
    Are you holding someone tight
    Baby, I wonder

    My heart is aching but I’m a fool
    To let it go on breaking
    Maybe I’ll awake and find I’m mistaken, baby
    I wonder

    Baby, since we’re through I’ve been through lover’s lane
    But in my heart there’s only pain
    You went traveling, will it last?
    While I’m traveling nowhere fast, sweetheart

    I wonder, where, where, where, where, little baby
    Will you think of me again today
    Though I may be a million miles away
    I wonder, I wonder

  6. I will always remember the day I told you I thought maybe we needed to see other people. You said, “It’s all or nothing,” and you walked out the door. You hadn’t even made it to the curb before I knew it was a mistake and that I couldn’t live my life without you. Thank God you felt the same way and took me back. You were my lost love for only a few weeks. I’m so glad you didn’t stay lost. But I will never forget the feeling of losing you. It’s been almost 25 years that we’ve been married and I love you more than ever.

  7. to S.F
    – it’s been many years since we’ve parted. there hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t thought of you. I’ve walked the streets looking for somebody that looks like you. our meeting was a happy accident in that elevator . the winter sun was low, all of us strangers in this elevator, but you were different.
    – the way you touched my hand said yes, in a most unique way. I enjoyed your company, your kindness, I could listen to you for a long time, your accent was enticing.
    – when the time came, and you had to leave to go home, I wish I was bolder and asked you to marry me. I would have been rejected, but at least my feelings would have been known.
    – I see you in my dreams, I awake, feeling happy and a little saddened.
    – I wish you well, you will not be forgotten

  8. caroline
    – I’m sorry I walked away after that night – you truly loved me, all I can say is that I’m sorry you were friendly , kind and took interest in me when often times I felt like no one wanted to hear what I to say.
    I love lost – is a persistent memory gained.
    – thank you – j

  9. shizuko

    – on this day, many years ago , we met. had I known what that meant, I might have done things better. I have year letter, the one you wrote when you got back to japan. I often wonder how your life turned out, are you safe, have suffered, are you happy. I can only guess. we had to part ways, but I tell you one thing, when we said goodbye art the airport, I wish I was a bolder person, and gave you a bigger kiss. perhaps. as I wander down the streets, we will meet, but for now, I will see you in my dreams, awash in blue neon.

  10. Where have the love’s gone, the one’s that walk away ,never to return, except in a dream, or through a perfume that lingers in the air. sometime, somewhere, somehow our paths will cross, i know it will be you because i will be focused on only you. and what ever happened in the past, will go away.

  11. KATIE

    – you didn’t lie – you were escaping from a horrible moment in your life, your heart was in the right place. for that summer of fun – we both let loose. when September came we parted ways. i didn’t know how to react, my friends said i looked sad – first love will do that, you are a part of my history few know about – the places we went are no longer around. i’ve let the past pass, but not with out a smile or two now and then.

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