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A Lost Love:

Everyone has one.

It can be from any age or any time in your life.

The thought of which can make you smile, feel nostalgic, wistful, angry, laugh or haunt you.  You can feel a secret pleasure thinking about it or it can cause you pain.

A past love can be great, complex, wonderful, simple or brief.

My name is Amanda Bergloff and I’m a writer.  Despite my outward appearance of cynicism, I am at heart, a complete romantic. I can remember being in first grade, sitting next to a boy named Grant.  I thought he was so mean….always shoving me in line, scribbling on my schoolwork and messing with my things.  Then one day, I found a simple note in my desk with these words written in crayon on it:  “I love you, from Grant.”  As I read Grant’s note, I thought, “love is strange” and it is as true to me now as it was to my 6 year old self that day.  The very thought of love still fascinates me because I cannot explain it and it is the most powerful emotion that I know.

I was talking several months ago to a friend about a past love of hers.  She talked about happy memories and what she thought had gone wrong at the time.  I asked her the question, “If you could say something to him right now, what would it be?”  We then talked about putting it in letter form.  The two of us eventually did and shared them with each other.  It was a strange, cathartic experience.  We never intended for anyone else to see it, let alone the “lost love” we were writing it for…but what if they could? Thus the idea for this blog: Letters to Lost Loves was started that day.

My goal with this blog is to encourage people to use it as a creative forum for their own letters to the “Lost Loves” in their lives.

The “RULES” are simple: 

Click on COMMENTS on the bottom of the page on the left

and use the POST YOUR LOVE LETTER HERE box to submit your letter to a “Lost Love” from your own past.

However love letters can come in many different forms besides just the traditional letter format.  It can also be:

  • a one line thought
  • a memory shared in a paragraph
  • a song you post or the written lyrics of a song
  • a metaphorical story
  • an original poem or one already written
  • a quote that expresses your feelings from another source
  • a photo or some artwork
  • or ANY other format you want to share

You don’t have to use any names.  You don’t have to share your own name.  The email address that is required for your comment to be posted is private and will never be shared.  You can remain completely anonymous by using an initial or pseudonym in the Name (required) box.  Your “email address” and “name that shows” on this blog do not have to match.

Your letter will be shared with others that have had the same thoughts or have gone through similar situations.  I hope you will find it interesting to read the other letters that have been posted in turn.  Your lost love may or may not ever read this, but just know….

Love is a universal emotion….you are not alone.

If you would like to personally contact me you can do so at:
So I’ll start this all off by sharing a song called, “Baby I’m a Fool,” by Melody Gardot.  I completely understand and agree with her lyrics:
“Baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall in love”
Here’s to my fellow “fools of the heart” from the perpetual bubble bath in my mind…..Enjoy!